TNM Interview: Vessels



(answering is Josh – Guitar & 2nd vocals)
TNM: How long has your band been playing? 

V: We’ve been playing as a full band for a little less than a year. Our first show was in August 2021, Davis (drums & vocals) and I have been writing and playing our material for almost 4 years. Austin (2nd guitar) has been in the band for about 2 years and Mitch (bass) for about 1. They both contributed to writing some sections of the album. 

TNM: Please describe your sound.

V: Our sound is a cross of sludge and death metal with proggy song structures and esoteric lyrics and themes!

TNM: Do you have any releases? If so, where’s the best place to find them?

V: For releases we have two demo versions of our singles “Disease the Seas” & “Dying Planet” on pretty much anywhere you stream music. You can also find them on YouTube by searching Vessels and the track name. Of find the links on our Instagram @vessels.fargo
Our Full length album “Nebulos” is dropping on all streaming platforms on June 17th. We will have physical CDs and Tapes starting mid-June at all of our shows. 

TNM: What’s the best thing about Fargo-Moorhead? 

V: The best thing about the F/M area is our art and music scene, particularly the people involved in them. There’s just cool things going on all the time. Everyone involved in the music scene specifically are super supportive of everyone else, no matter the genre. We have a very strong support system here and so many talented musicians, bands, and artists.

Show Poster Credit: @art_by_sunrae