TNM Interview: Pursuit



With their upcoming show on July 9th at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor (maybe the last show at their current location), we thought it a great opportunity to do a couple interviews.
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Show Poster Credit: @art_by_sunrae

(answering is Wyatt – Drums & promotion)
TNM: How long has your band been playing?

P: Pursuit used to go under the name Pursuit of Cash or POC for many years. We changed the name to simply Pursuit in early 2020 with the change in the band’s direction. 

TNM: Please describe your sound.

P: We are a new breed of Thrash. Bringing the best of the old sound with power and aggression while keeping it fresh. 

TNM: Do you have any releases, if so, where’s the best place to find them?

P: You can find our music on our bandcamp page:
Our first two demos and a live EP that we recorded last May at 1459 Studios are there. The first full length is recorded and planned to be released by the end of Summer/early fall 2022. 

TNM: What’s the best thing about Fargo/Moorhead?

P: The community of musicians and fans. Our band along with Phobophilic, Maul and Thrallfrost are helping put Fargo on the map. Our last couple of shows have been wild and the energy has been awesome.