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The Red River Creatives Collective (RRCC) is a fluid, umbrella entity for the Northern Minnesota and North Dakota arts scene, operating out of the Fargo/Moorhead area. This is intended to be a community-driven, long-term organizing space focused on prioritizing and uplifting disenfranchised voices, and creating solidarity among creatives.

Through both print and online publication of The Northern Mirror we strive to create a platform for experimental and under-represented artists in all disciplines (visual art, film, music, writing, etc.), as well as a way to disseminate information regarding community resources, and cultural and educational opportunities. The safety, well-being, and privacy of those submitting to our publication is of great importance to us. We vow to never willfully dox or snitch on those wishing to remain anonymous in any aspect of their submissions. We value our partnerships with local area organizations and small businesses to help distribute our publication and broaden our reach. We would like to recognize that this organization is completely volunteer run, and that our labor (& the labor of those submitting) goes toward the greater good by building a stronger community network for creatives in our area.

RRCC strives to be an unconventional, multi-disciplinary arts organization that does not conform to the status quo. Our work is the building up and promoting of creators without the oppressive and classicist nature of institutions and mainstream arts sector. We aim for flexibility and the ability to adapt to our changing community needs. 

We, the workers, are victims of the tyranny of police state violence. We aspire towards forgiveness of our oppressors and abusers, while holding them accountable for wrongdoings. We lean in to compassion – to heal, grow, and thrive. We believe in the power of collaborative relationships within and across communities to build a better vision for tomorrow. Who better to create that vision than artists?

Member Submitted Creative Prompt for This Issue:
“1000 Ways Forward”

As we prepare to move into a new season, and we meditate on the summer (and inevitably compare it to the summer of 2020), we must also consider what’s next. As a society, we seem to be ever building. An imperialistic mindset, always looking for the next thing to conquer. Whether or not that can continue, and how, and on what basis is key. There are 1000 Ways Forward to navigate into the next phase of our existence, which path will you take?

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