Public Restroom Review



TNM is on a search for the best commodes in town. We’re rating public restrooms on a scale of one-five plungers. Sanitary, functional, and accessible restrooms ought to be the norm, not the exception! This means more than just having portable latrines available at events. 

It means running water, soap/sanitizer, and adequate hand drying options. It means gender neutral options. It means enclosed stalls that provide adequate privacy, not huge gaps for folks to peer into. It means containers for proper disposal of used sanitary products and sharps. It means diaper changing tables. It means having ADA door openers. It means free use, without requiring a purchase or fee, or special key tied to a cumbersome object.

Broadway Square 

(in the RDO building)

Overall, this was an adequate experience. A typical public bathroom. No door openers present, although another entry might be available. Two gendered options for “Men” & “Women” which both contain two stalls, one wheelchair accessible with a changing table. Functional, clean, air conditioned. 

Broadway Square interior
Broadway Square exterior

Lindenwood Park

“So much room for activities!” Although this restroom didn’t have automatic door openers, it was quite accommodating and very cool on a warm day. Gendered options, but they are singles and provide deadbolt locks. Park restrooms tend to have a reputation for being unclean, but during our visit we were satisfied with the cleanliness of the facility we used. Four out of five, would go again!

Lindendwood interior

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