Three music artists currently living in Fargo-Moorhead offer a cross-section of the music scene in this experimental non-fiction short film. As the artists perform monologues based on their past experiences and their hopes for the future, dancers take to the stage and convey the artists’ stories through movement. Song, dance, theatre, and film unite in this celebration of the arts.

Video still – Jac Starling segment

The purpose of this short film is to shed light on the underrepresented artists who live, work, and create right here in Fargo-Moorhead. We believe in strengthening the community—especially the community of the arts—to combat the growing tensions in the world and diminish the feeling of hopelessness that artists in lesser-known regions sometimes feel. There are talented souls right here in Fargo-Moorhead, and you may be one of them. Will you leave the region to chase your dreams? Or will you stay here to grow with your peers?

Video still – Divine Offering segment
– Credits –

Director: Trinah Szafranski
Producer: Tiffany Reller
Production Designer: Logan Mann
Director of Photography: Alex Bertsch
Editor: Zachary Howatt

Jack Brown (Jac Starling)
Anjali Karna (Divine Offering)
Kwaician Traylor (Kwaician)
Eva Reich
Skyla Mae
Oksana Svidersky
Emily Harmon

Video still – Kwaician segment