Love as a Dance / Blue Straggler



Love as a Dance

Are gluttonous 
Consuming stares and gossip
Our stomachs bulging with your oppression
Morphed curiosity into a dance
Walk with stones in our heart the weight of which is lifted 
When we hold each other across the room.

Blue Straggler

Today the lighthouse of Alexandria fell
the remnants constructed a citadel

To explode inward and set the world ablaze Blue straggler how many
light years are we away from our thousands of years of praise

When we met they discovered Earendel
They completely missed us with their magnified gaze

Ichthyocentaurs led Aphrodite from the sea
From winter to winter I have spent with she

Nautical guide no astronaut would relinquish
Today the lighthouse will not extinguish

When I sail the sea of dream, I dream of thee
And of love and life I cannot distinguish