Shane Netterville, my brother, was killed by Officer Adam O’Brien of the Fargo Police Department on July 8, 2022. Shane was Native, unarmed, and 28 years old. It was weeks before his 29th birthday.

This is just something I drew when I was thinking about Shane, when I was awake for days, having nightmares. I did it for the people who actually care about him. He’s my baby brother, you know. I’m not really sure what my inspiration was, but I put his nickname “Snick” in there. He came home from school one day and said, “Call me Snicker Joe.” All of us looked at him. My dad laughed, and all of us busted out laughing, because it was just the most ridiculous thing. Literally, right after he said it, we all started calling him that. He was in middle school, maybe 8th grade, and we called him “Snick” ever since.