Ibukun Awosika



I’ve been in Fargo/Moorhead for about 10.5 years.
I’ve had a YouTube Channel for about 10.5 years. 

Last week I reached 3000 YouTube Videos…but in January 12th of 2020, I only had 800 total videos…At the end of May 2020 (after my first Ramadan), I started a journey I’ve come to call “The Fists of the Eternal Ramadan.”

But society would call it “homelessness.” And pity me with all the connotation associated with that word. 

But weekends spent with people who offered their homes and having home bases and bond journeys last year with a family and this year with a couple – have been beautiful. 

Not do they know what growth and development has been had…and that probably includes the people I’ve had beautiful experiences with. 

Iron Fist. 
Storm Fist. 
Pieces-of-My-Heart Fist. 
Insect Fist. 
Moon Fist. 

Jealous Fist. 
Jesus Fist. 

Fire Fist.

“But When He Winked At Me, I Knew I Could Tickle The Stars”
    (A Theatre B Audition)

“Let them create their devils then, 
and let us create our angels. 
that we rearrange the furniture of your mind. 
So the sun’s light can shine 
THROUGH here. 
And so that you, my son, can shine through any and all ultimatums. 

For the darkest greens are not in nature, 
and the softest queens are not well-favoured. 
If they think you dull, think them null. 
If they think you Ill, then THINK. WITH. WILL. 
And this is how I love you. 


(going over it in his head) 
‘and this is how…’ 
BOTH ways that you could take that last part 
are true. 

haha (beginning laugh) 
HAHAHA (uproarious laugh) 
For mindSET IS everything… 
but we don’t need mindset for THAT. 

I didn’t get the part. 
But did I get your heart? 

You just experienced Jordan Jutsu. 
So many ways to do art. 

TWO more days 
before my THIRD Ramadan starts.