Community Culinary Corps Project



Community Culinary Corps Project (CCCP) is a group made of and made for the people. We the community work together to feed ourselves, without the oversight or approval of the State.

We believe in neighbors supporting neighbors. Together we will feed each other, grow sustainable community food systems, and build towards a better world. 

CCCP is active in the area known as Fargo/Moorhead on the lands of the Oceti Sakowin (Dakota, Lakota, Nakoda) and Anishinaabe Peoples. We recognize the history of genocide and oppression that led to us and our group occupying space on this land. CCCP exists in solidarity with Indigenous people’s struggles and is invested in their long term flourishing and liberation. 

The horrors of colonialism and capitalism have driven the planet to the point where groups like ours are needed. We will not be dependent on the systems and structures that oppress us. Food is a human right, and CCCP exists to provide it. Change is happening now. The work is happening now. Join us.