Teddi Atteberry



Dark days of winter

bring the sad and ennui of life 

to forefront 

of our minds. 

The deep dark crashes 

down around snuffing out 

any remaining light like a complete eclipse 

of my personal sun. 

What’s the point 

of continuing on 

when I know the dark is waiting,

waiting to envelop me in its arms. 

Welcoming my anguish, 

relishing the pain of every scar

cut into my thigh. 

Then, so unexpectedly 

so unplanned, 

the dark slowly begins

to slide away. 

Replaced with your toothy smirk

and breathy whispers 

of fantasies yet to come. 

Your voice cuts 

through the dark veil, 

reaching out to pull me back 

from the sharp edge. 

Your laugh elevates 

my spirits 

from the deep depths 

of my own despair and 

into unknown euphoric heights. 

The scars can heal, untouched

ever again. 

Shadows of winter are no longer

looming behind with dread, 

instead, the potential for what could be

is lighting the way ahead.