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We’re a little bit radical.

The Red River Creatives Collective (RRCC) is a fluid, umbrella entity for the Northern MN and ND arts scene, operating out of the Fargo/Moorhead area. This is intended to be a community-driven organizing space focused on prioritizing and uplifting disenfranchised voices, and creating solidarity among creatives.

Through both print and online publication of The Northern Mirror we strive to create a platform for experimental and under-represented artists in all disciplines, as well as a way to disseminate information regarding community resources, and cultural and educational opportunities.

RRCC strives to be an unconventional, multi-disciplinary arts organization that does not conform to the status quo. Our work is the building up and promoting of creators without the oppressive and classist nature of institutions and mainstream arts sector. We aim for flexibility and the ability to adapt to our changing community needs.

It is no easy task to organize and complete a quarterly publication, both online and in print, and it certainly isn’t possible without the content provided by those that submit. It is imperative that you continue to show your support for local, mutual aid groups like ours even if there’s no personal or monetary incentive to do so. We need each other. We are eternally grateful for the creative contributions we receive, the ongoing interest of our readers, and the donations we receive to aid in funding this project. We understand the difficulties of navigating life, especially during the winter months, and we hope that this issue brings some light back into our organizing spaces. The chosen theme was a lot to tackle. It isn’t easy to visually illustrate, but we feel that it speaks wholly of our values and our desire to bolster our abilities for the challenges we have yet to face.

Suggested theme: Community Care, Defense & Resiliency

What does care, defense and resiliency look like, and how does it tie into our communities? How does building these skills create stronger networks of neighbors? 

In the dark days of winter, how does one combat a case of SAD?
Is it done in isolation, or with a support network (and vitamin D)?
Does community defense just mean having lots of guns, or is it the utilization of a modern underground railroad too?
How do we handle things when a situation doesn’t go as planned?
How do we adapt as individuals? It certainly isn’t within a vacuum.

There are no simple answers to any of these questions, but the underlying theme to it all seems to tie back into strengthening our communities, and expanding our skill-sets.

This theme is meant to be an inspirational guide with which contributors may base their submissions on. It is not meant to be a concrete thing to limit one’s work. Contributors are free to interpret the theme and incorporate it into their work at their own discretion.

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