You’re perusing through a periodical… A periodical not only of sight, but of mind, a journey into a curious publication whose boundaries are that of creativity.

Your next stop, The Northern Mirror.

In the proceeding pages, we’re going to show you a myriad of thought-provoking and unique works by members of our community and region. This we offer as a local arts journal and community resource, an extraordinary booklet of information, which is really the true intent of The Northern Mirror.

The Northern Mirror is brought to you by:

The Red River Creatives Collective (RRCC) is a fluid, umbrella entity for the Northern MN and ND arts scene, operating out of the Fargo/Moorhead area. This is intended to be a community-driven organizing space focused on prioritizing and uplifting disenfranchised voices, and creating solidarity among creatives.

Through both print and online publication of The Northern Mirror we strive to create a platform for experimental and under-represented artists in all disciplines, as well as a way to disseminate information regarding community resources, and cultural and educational opportunities.

RRCC strives to be an unconventional, multi-disciplinary arts organization that does not conform to the status quo. Our work is the building up and promoting of creators without the oppressive and classist nature of institutions and mainstream arts sector. We aim for flexibility and the ability to adapt to our changing community needs.

This issue also made possible by:

The Human Family
& The North Dakota Human Rights Arts Exhibition

The exhibition will visit museums and galleries throughout North Dakota.
Currently scheduled venues include:

Fargo, ND – The Plains Art Museum | January 10 – 31, 2023
Grand Forks, ND – The UND Arts Collections at the Empire Arts Center |
February 2 – March 3
Bismarck, ND – The Bismarck Downtown Artist Cooperative Dakota |
March 11 – April 2
Minot, ND – The Taube Museum of Art | June 7 – July 7
Williston, ND – The James Memorial Art Center | September 4 – 29
Jamestown, ND
– The Arts Center | December 11 – January 5, 2024

See each location for specific venue hours. All exhibitions are free and open to the
public. Additional exhibition spaces for 2023 are currently being explored and will be
added to the touring schedule as available.

For more information:


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